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  • Additive manufacturing meeting

    May 2022 - Additive manufacturing still represents new territory for many companies. In a small workshop, PTZ gave an insight. Read more.
  • Trade Fair Rapid Tech Erfurt 2022

    May 2022 - With the trade fair in Erfurt, direct contact with our customers and interested parties in the trade fair business picked up again. Read more.
  • Surfaces in additive manufacturing

    September 2021 - Lecture at the Dresden workshop on the subject of "Surface modification and finishing of additively manufactured components". The EFDS e.V. and Fraunhofer IWS organized a lecture and discussion on the subject of surfaces in additive manufacturing. Read more.
  • Rollout Elbflorace - The Exposure

    June 2019 - on 01.06.2019 the Elbflorace team released their two new racing cars, the EFR12e09 and the EFR10d02. It is an electric vehicle and a driverless vehicle, for the production of racing cars sponsored the PTZ Prototypenzentrum specially manufactured components. Read more.
  • Sponsoring of the Racetech Racing Team e.V.

    May 2019 - on 24.05.2019 the Racetech Racing Team of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg e.V. is planning the rollout of their new electric vehicle RT13. The PTZ Prototype Center is sponsoring 6 SLS plastic parts for a successful launch of this vehicle. Read more.
  • Company development 2017

    1st march, 2017 - The new year brought PTZ the expected completion of the new production hall. The steadily growing demand for prototypes and the increased demands of our customers necessitated an adjustment of capacity and production conditions. With the extension, the company is well prepared for the further development of the next few years. At the same time, the working conditions of the... Read more.
  • The false Flower

    The traditional craft of making artificial flowers is supported by the newest technology of 3D-printing. Parts ot the flower have been built by Selektive Lasersintering (SLS-K) . Therefore the boarderline of producibility was touched. Between 27 June and 13 September 2015, the Dresden Museum of Decorative Arts is putting on the exhibition “The False Flower in the palace of Pillnitz. Read more.
  • 3d printer

    Due to the strong media coverage, the level of awareness of 3D printing has increased lately. The term 3D printer is used here as an umbrella term for a variety of machines and processes. Will everything be soon just printed? Can anybody do it? Read more.
  • Prototype manufacturing in practice

    18th April 2013 - Dresden PTZ prototype center GmbH makes students ready for the practice: Mechatronic engineering students at the Technical University of Dresden are invited again this year to get a impression of the fast and often highly confidential production of models, initial samples and small series. Read more.
  • Fascination Ferrari

    It is reflected in the formal language of each line of the new Ferrari and PTZ could deliver to their formation with some prototype parts.  Read more.
  • Ideas to touch

    PTZ Prototypenzentrum Dresden builds master patterns To give a shape to ideas for the first time, to make it tangible and prepare them for practice tests - this is the field of work of Detlef Kistenmacher. Read more.
  • Develop cost-effective

    Companies can save up to 70 percent of their development costs through the use of prototypes. With the production of prototypes developers can verify design and function in an early devlopment status. Read more.