PTZ Prototypenzentrum GmbH Dresden

Develop cost-effective

Save up to 70 percent of development costs with high-quality prototypes

Companies can save up to 70 percent of their development costs through the use of prototypes. With the production of prototypes developers can verify design and function in an early devlopment status. Development errors can already be correct at an early stage and significant cost savings are possible. This accelerates the whole development process. If the product is earlier available, it has a very positive impact on the overall cost of the product launch. Studies suggest a profit loss of 33 percent by a six months delayed launch. Taking into account that with completion of the development, only 20 percent of the project costs but already 85 percent of the cost of a product are determined, you can realize the high potential of the use of prototypes in the development phase.

About PTZ

In the 1996 founded PTZ Prototypenzentrum GmbH 16 employees use the most modern technologies to produce models, tools and small series for German and European customers including the automotive industry, the medical and equipment technology. Brand manufacturers such as Siemens, Bosch, Miele, Fresenius and Ducati as well as many small and medium enterprises appreciate the variety of technologies at PTZ.

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