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Selective laser sintering

From Powder to prototype

Using selective laser sintering (plastic), a rapid prototyping technique, the first model is made from pulverized plastic. A remote controlled laser melts the first layer step by step into the powder bed according to the contours of the component part which has been sliced into layers beforehand. Then the build platform is lowered as much as the thickness of the layer, and the next layer is melted in. A roll helps to continuously put the material on the build platform over the entire surface with a layer thickness of 0.1mm. This way the prototype is build up vertically layer after layer up until it has reached the desired form – complex geometries, hollow spaces that are covered, or undercuts become possible options.

Prototypes that are made by using this technique are mechanically strong and robust and are fit to be used for initial function tests. They are also used as pre-series models in small quantities.

Available Materials

  • P4000 - Polyamide, unfilled
  • P4001 - Polyamide, Glass Filled

Reference SLS-plastics