PTZ Prototypenzentrum GmbH Dresden

More capacity

February 2023 - Bottlenecks are countered by expanding the selective laser melting machinery (SLS-metal). With a further machine, customer requirements can be met even better.

Material supply

The new system allows parts to be produced in another material in parallel with other orders. Furthermore, the time required to change a machine over to a different material can be reduced. This increases the availability of the machines. Support times are reduced and can be utilised for other valuable purposes.

The materials with the highest turnover are stainless steel (316 L / 1.4404) and aluminium (AlSi10Mg). But parts are also manufactured in titanium (TiAl6V4), tool steel (1.2709) and more and more in zinc (Zamak 5).

Larger parts?

There is no change in the usable building space with the new system. The maximum installation space of 280 mm x 280 mm has proven itself over the years. An increase in the installation space is not reflected in the requested components.

For part designs whose dimensions exceed the build space limits, elements are built individually and subsequently joined by welding. Laser welding minimises the thermal influence. The appearence of the weld remains very small. If necessary, the weld seam is ground and the result is a one-piece construction.

About PTZ

At PTZ-Prototypenzentrum GmbH, founded in 1996, 20 employees use state-of-the-art technologies to produce initial models, tools and small series for German and European customers from the automotive, medical and appliance technology industries, among others. Brand manufacturers such as Siemens, Bosch, Miele, Fresenius and Ducati as well as many medium-sized companies value the variety of technologies at PTZ.

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