PTZ Prototypenzentrum GmbH Dresden

Trade fair Rapid Tech 2022 in Erfurt

May 2022 - With the trade fair in Erfurt, direct contact with our customers and interested parties picked up again at the trade fair. The new, open booth design was well received and brought interesting conversations around ideas for prototypes, developments and the implementation of 3D printed parts.

The booth this year was designed to offer something more hands-on. Two large castings from the nylon casting held up for everyone to see. Glass fiber-reinforced components from the engine sector were available for everyone to hold in their hands. As expected, the two parts withstood the stresses without any problems.

In addition to the reinforced polyamide parts, there was also a lot of interest in the production of transparent, glass-clear plastic parts. We had one of these as a sample part in the showcase.

The metal parts next to it were also able to shine. Stainless steel, aluminum or even high-temperature special alloys were part of the discussions.

After two years spent more in the workshop, direct customer contact was a nice change.

About PTZ

In the 1996 founded PTZ Prototypenzentrum GmbH 17 employees use the most modern technologies to produce models, tools and small series for German and European customers including the automotive industry, the medical and equipment technology. Brand manufacturers such as Siemens, Bosch, Miele, Fresenius and Ducati as well as many small and medium enterprises appreciate the variety of technologies at PTZ.